Monday, November 8, 2010

Uhh, I didn't meant to be this infrequent...

So when I titled this blog infrequent updates, I didn't mean I'd post annually. Oops. So now there is a LOT of catching up to do.

We loved our first little apartment in Oakton. It was so cute, but we decided to buy a house when we found some doctors who could answer some of my medical problems. Or so we though. We still don't have answers, but maybe we will find some soon? Also, the job market hasn't picked up much, and since we both have pretty secure jobs, we thought it would be silly to leave them and be in the last hired/first fired area. So we started our search in March of this year. We finally found a house we liked, although it was far away from my work. We closed at the end of May, getting us a tax credit for 2009, and promptly moved in. We LOVE our house. We've done some little things to improve, thanks to some major sweat equity from Dad. We've also painted and Tony has worked hard to stay on top of the goofy things that come up when you own a house. He keeps the yard gorgeous as well.

We had a great summer, with lots of quality time spent together. We went to Ohio for a week and a half to visit my family, and then had a little vacation for the two of us after. While we were in Ohio I took everybody's picture. Now it's 4 months later and I better get to editing those pictures I took so families can send them out if they'd like! I suppose that should be my mission for this week.

At the end of August, I was feeling a little strange and ridiculously exhausted. I found out that I was pregnant and felt better that at least I knew why I was feeling a little crazy! I'm now 14 weeks and feeling better every day. Food doesn't disgust me quite so much, I can eat a normal dinner, and I might even be able to eat chicken again sometime soon. We'll see. I am due May 9, and we are so excited for our new baby.

Last week we got a letter from George Mason University - Tony got accepted to their business program. We are excited for him to be able to be in school full time and to get his education completed. He is still not sure if he wants to do finance or medicine, but I am sure he will figure that out soon. With attending Mason, he will be doing ROTC so he can finish his degree without being deployed. With graduation he'll also be a higher-ranking officer. And, as far as we understand, he can choose his drill unit, which would mean he could be in the Manassas unit, and not have to leave town once a month. The only down side to that is that he may have to have a 2-week training in June, not long after the baby comes. That would be quite difficult for me to not have any help for two weeks as I'm still adjusting to baby life.

Mom is coming to visit on Friday for a few days and I am excited she will be here. It will be fun to have her at my house and we will do fun things together. I love my mom. She is great. And it will be great to have a little company while my sweet husband is being a soldier for a couple weeks.

Maybe I should work on editing those pictures now...


The Gilbert Family said...

I was so excited to hear about the new addition!!! Congrats. I am sure your mom would come and spend those 2 weeks with you, how could she not. Who wouldnt drop everything to come and spend time with a new baby. Those first few weeks are the absolute best!!

Sydney said...

CONGRATS!! How exciting that you guys are expecting. I'm so happy for you. It sounds like things are going well. :)